Twisted Systems

    So a Drummer Walks Into a Bar….

    Issue 64

    A little light summer diversion:

    -What is the difference between a drummer and a pepperoni pizza?

    A pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four.


    -What do throw a bass player who’s drowning?

    His amplifier.


    -What is the difference between a lead singer and a terrorist?

    You can negotiate with a terrorist.


    -Why do guitar players put drumsticks on the dashboard of their cars?

    So they can park in handicap spaces.


    -How does a lead singer change a light bulb?

    He holds the bulb in one hand and waits for the world to revolve around him.

    -Why do drummers’ cars have poor gas mileage?

    Because the Domino’s Pizza delivery sign on the car roof isn’t very aerodynamic.

    -How do you stop a lead guitarist from playing?

    Put sheet music in front of him.

    -Why do drummers always knock on your front door?

    Because they don’t know when to come in.

    -How do you know a drummers drum platform is level?

    Because the drool coming out of his mouth is even on both sides.




    A guitar player walks up to his lead singer and says:

    “Hey man, when we do “Stairway to Heaven” tonight, the first verse is in the key of “E’. The second verse is is going up a half step then, after the guitar break we will drop a full step on the last verse.”

    The lead singer looks perplexed and says to the guitar player,  “What asshole would modulate and screw up a song like that?’

    “That’s exactly what you did last night!” responds the guitar player….


    More coming in Pt. 2

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