Opening Salvo

Imaginations Real

Issue 111

(With a tip of the hat to Dave Davies for the title)

This issue’s cover: Prince (1958 – 2016). One of the greatest rock songwriters, performers, producers, guitar players and flat-out musical icons ever. Has anyone equaled him since he burst upon the scene? His 2007 Super Bowl XLI performance remains, in the eyes of many, untouchable.

Driving down Route 111 – memories of The Hidden Pond diner, Caliguiri’s Restaurant, Beverageland, Hauppauge High School, Dairy Queen…this issue’s number is prompting a flashback. Route 111 is the main drag in Hauppauge, NY where I grew up. Sweet memories of the best feta cheese omelets I’ve ever had, 69 cent quarts of Bud, driving my dad’s 1969 Impala Custom and blasting the radio, make out parties…all long gone.

I didn’t expect to write such a bittersweet opening, but the past couple of weeks have me reminiscing more than usual with the loss of my audio industry friend Victor Goldstein (75, unconfirmed), Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider (73), John Prine (73) and Little Richard (87). But memories of them live on, as will their art and influence. And sometimes, memories feel more real than our “real” lives.

In this issue: Professor Larry Schenbeck offers the second installment of his multichannel recordings Hall of Fame. WL Woodward has fond memories of John Prine. Rich Isaacs provides an in-depth look at Italian progressive rock band Le Orme. Dan Schwartz tells us what it was like to record with Rosanne Cash. J.I. Agnew restores a vintage Presto record cutting lathe. Ken Sander goes pond hopping with punk rock band the Stranglers.

Rudy Radelic tells more tales of being an audio forum moderator. Anne E. Johnson of gives us more than one reason to read about Tracy Chapman and Henry Purcell. I remember audio industry luminary Victor Goldstein and examine the work of Die Mensch-Maschine, Kraftwerk. John Seetoo gives us a behind the scenes look at the art of organ restoration. We conclude the issue with ears in the clouds, Art appreciation and going back to Green River.

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