Opening Salvo

Happy St. Pat’s!

Issue 54

Welcome to Copper #54!

Beannachtai Na Feile Padraig Oraibh! —which is allegedly, “St. Patrick’s Day Blessing Upon You!” in Gaelic. My middle name’s Moore, and I am of Irish heritage, but I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translation. Yet.

March did indeed come in like a lion in many parts of the country— I hope you’re digging out, and have power. It’s a little tough to read Copper without power of some sort!

John Seetoo  concludes his interview with  Bobby Pulhemus, who recorded on Audio Fidelity as “Bobby Palomino”, lead guitarist of The Teemates. Next issue we’ll have John’s interview with a far better known Audio Fidelity artist—and I think you’ll enjoy it. Galen Gareis is back, continuing his series on cable design with a piece on XLR design.

Professor Schenbeck  leads off the regular columns with selections of violin + orchestraDan Schwartz writes about Godley & Creme, who recorded a number of amazing albums with 10cc and as a duo, and broke new ground in usic videos and musical instruments; Richard Murison takes a look at the taboo subject of powered speakers ;  Jay Jay French says “hell, yeah” to EQRoy Hall sleeps through another cultural event; Anne E. Johnson brings us indie singer/producer/artist Be Steadwell…and I’m a little smitten Woody Woodward concludes his two-parter on rockabilly Industry News brings news about Spotify, and the death of a well-known figure; and write about differentiation, and how speakers exhaleAnne is back  with a survey of madrigal recordings in Something Old/Something New—and you may be surprised by some of the composers who have written madrigals.

Copper #54 wraps up with a classic cartoon from Charles Rodrigues that continues my discussion of speakers—sort of.  Our virtual back cover is a Parting Shot of the Italian coast by Paul McGowan.

Erin Go Bragh!and we’ll see you next issue.

Cheers, Leebs

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