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    Issue 16

    Welcome to Copper #16!

    We’re excited by our recent additions. Many of you read Darren Myers’ first installment of Make It Yourself, on building an interconnect. Darren’s back with the first steps in reviving vintage components.

    Paul McGowan is back with Back to Basics, writing about how much amplifier power you really need.

    Jim Smith continues Subwoofery, his low-down series… with more yet to come.

    Haden Boardman is back with Amplified & Equalized, a look at the next link in the phono chain, the phono preamp.

    I take a look at the huge record store Twist and Shout, talk with turntable legend John Bicht, and look at the changes in upcoming audio shows.

    Our usual contributors delve into sigma-delta modulators and music from Sheryl Crow, the Yonder Mountain String Band, Felix Pappalardi… and Bach? How’s that for a mix?

    One last, personal item: I’m a longtime supporter of community radio stations, and my brother Chuck is heavily involved in community station WDBX, in Carbondale, Illinois. As is true of most community radio stations, they’re struggling. Please take a look at their website, and if you’d like to support their current fund drive, I’d be very grateful.

    I hope you enjoy this issue—and see you again in two weeks!

    Cheers, Leebs

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