Opening Salvo

    Across the Chronographic Divide

    Issue 36

    Welcome to Copper #36!

    I recently crossed the Continental Divide, twice…going west, then coming back home, going east. And now we’ve passed the Chronographic  Divide of this year. The difference is that there’s no going back across this divide, and it’s all downhill from here.

    There’s a lot going on in this issue. Professor Schenbeck offers a a review of some high points of the classical guitar catalog;  Dan Schwartz explains why he would never, ever review cables;Richard Murison digresses on a chase; Jay Jay French recalls why 1967 was the year rock ‘n’ roll became Rock; Duncan Taylor introduces another young musical phenom, Bella Betts ; Anne E. Taylor brings us the young indie artist Little Simz; Woody Woodward looks back at Firesign Theatre; Dan McCauley reviews the latest from Benjamin Booker; Industry News looks at the good news/bad news/more bad news from Spotify; and I  ponder that whole audio evangelism thing a little more and conclude the series on horns.

    Our features are particularly strong this time out: John Seetoo returns with an in-depth 2-part interview with mastering legend Steve Hoffman; Jim Smith looks at EQ, DSP, and maybe a few other abbreviations; and finally, for something completely different—-we have a short story by Paul McGowan.

    As if to answer the admittedly-overwrought question, “is there nothing our polymath Publisher can’t do?” (>cough<)—Copper #36 wraps up with another Parting Shot from Paul.

    Until nest issue—Happy Independence Day!

    Cheers, Leebs.

    How about 4th of July fireworks—viewed from the air?

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