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As if I didn't have enough going on in my life: writing a novel, running the company, designing a new power amp, designing a new preamp, launching Sprout, my son Scott's wedding, I have added yet another project to the list. Building a home theater. Yup. After many years of being in the same home Terri and I sold the one and are buying another, albeit smaller, home. This new place comes with a basement that is large enough to accommodate either an awesome two-channel system or an awesome home theater. Having just acquired a pristine set of Infinity IRS Betas, the choice seemed obvious. That is until my lovely wife asked me a great question. "You have one of the best stereo systems on the planet already. Why do you need another, exactly?" Hmmm. So, she's right. I have never owned a real home theater with a projector and screen and this is an exciting prospect for me. Here's the sketch of the first details:
  • If I have to compromise on image quality or sound, and one always has to compromise, then I choose image quality. I will not compromise on the sound.
  • This first decision means I will choose an acoustically transparent screen and place the L, C, R, speakers behind the screen. Modern acoustically transparent screens are not bad at all. Every movie theater you've ever been to has one.
  • The speakers I have chosen are BG Radias. They are, of course, ribbons with a couple of woofs and in-wall design to go behind the screen. I'll use Golden Ears for the rears and surrounds.
  • Haven't yet decided on much else other than multiple P10's to power everything
This should be fun and interesting. Along the way I'll drop notes in these posts to let you know of my progress.
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