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When is something good enough? A number of people responded to yesterday's post about building a Home Theater. Many surprised I would place sound quality over video quality if compromise was necessary. Here's the way I look at things. They are all a matter of expectations. And my expectations are to be in a room that has the very best sound possible for a HT with a great picture, not the other way around. So how does one know when something's good enough? It's when your expectations have been met or exceeded. Here's an example. If video guru Joe Kane came into my future theater he might scoff at my picture quality because, well, he's used to his expectations of perfection being met. Others, used to a good TV screen, might be blown away. It's all a matter of expectations. Music Room One is a state of the art system. People's expectations are quite high - when told it is an attempt at the very best - as well they should be. I'll bet most people listening to your own music system are pretty impressed, perhaps even blown away. Why? Because you've met or exceeded their expectations. It's good to set your expectations high, but my advice is to keep them in perspective. We'll probably never have the best, but it sure can be good enough to enjoy. And that's a noble goal.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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