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Yesterday's post Under the microscope certainly sparked some comments. Good. I think the greatest number of emails I got seemed to be in defense of people who really require affirmation and verification that what they feel is "real" and are uncomfortable trusting their senses. It's easy to cite the number of times when our senses "fool us" into feeling and seeing one thing when indeed something else is going on. We delight in exposing these missinterpretations of the physical space and ridiculing our emotional intuitions. My only response to this is one of a cautionary nature. When you ridicule that which you or others feel and sense but cannot explain you move farther away from any possibility of understanding. Most people would agree with the old adage "there's far more than meets the eye (or the ear)" at any level of our existence. In my experience it's fine and healthy to question what you are seeing, hearing and feeling, just don't ignore or trivialize it and understand you have far more than 5 senses at your disposal.
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