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The 2017 Grammys was by far the worst sound quality yet, and not just by a little.

I record the Grammys each year so we can watch them later, skipping the commercials. It wasn't until last night we cranked up the system in the home theater and settled in for an evening of "live performances". I was very disappointed. Music was compressed, over-limited, bass shy. Not as bad as Sirrus Radio, but close.

Last year was entirely different from a quality audio standpoint.

As disappointed as I was with the audio quality, I am in awe of what these 200 plus people on the audio recording side are trying to pull off. Theirs is an impossible task, moving smoothly between the many live acts. I am always impressed there are as few errors as there are: a microphone that doesn't function, the wrong levels, etc. Completely understandable.

What isn't understandable is failing to achieve good sound. One would hope the audio quality would improve year after year, not the opposite.

The Grammy's is supposed to be the gold standard. It is the most difficult and demanding live recording gig in the world.

They pulled off everything except what really matters to us, the final product, and that is a shame.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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