Winning formulas

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Winning formulas

They say bad habits are hard to break but I would suggest good ones are even harder. When we have a winning formula—something that's worked for us time and again—expending energy to try a new idea or travel in a different direction seems counter to every fiber in our bodies.

Yet driving the same streets, running the same race, designing the same circuits, and relying upon our tried and true crutches delivers the commonplace.

I cannot think of one person reading this blog post that isn't excited to read about a new innovation, a miracle that will change their lives. I know it's what gets me up in the morning—the chance to make a dent in the universe.

The balance between falling back on winning formulas and venturing out into the unknown is a tough teeter-totter. Too much weight on either end and you land hard on your butt.

The best winning formulas I know of involve risk, chance, daring, and a healthy dose of experience and wisdom.

We cannot succeed without the tried and true.

But relying upon past successes is not a way of life. It's just a stop along the way.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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