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What's up?
In a nutshell, it seems like everything’s up these days: shipping costs, parts costs, materials, labor. And, to make matters worse, I am certain it's not news that there’s even a worldwide parts shortage that’s become known as the Partsdemic. Our team at PS Audio has been working their ever-loving tails off to keep parts and products flowing and for the most part, they’ve done an amazing job. But, as all things come home to roost, there's that piper to pay at the end of the rainbow. Wait. I think I just mixed up a whole bunch of metaphors. Ok, let me spit it out. We gotta make adjustments to the prices of our products to cover our increased costs. Our operational team has gone through the bills of materials for every product we make and adjusted its price accordingly. Some went up not at all, while others went up more than we would have liked. It was a simple matter of math. As many of you know, PS Audio prices its products not by how much R and D or tooling costs were spent but rather a very simple formula of parts, shipping, and labor times a standard markup. As parts and shipping costs go up we've done our best to absorb those increases, but with the current level of inflation (steel is up 215%!) that's no longer possible. Fortunately, none are huge and, I might add, this is the first increase in costs we've not been able to absorb in years. Thanks to our HiFi Family for all your support and understanding. Pricing changes went into effect on September 1, 2021.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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