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What we hope for

Buying a computer cable in our local Best Buy store the other day I found myself drawn over to their audio video section. There, an interested customer was being pitched by a salesperson on why they should buy more than what he wanted.

I found myself fascinated at the question and answer volley before me. 

The customer seemed most interested in a perfect dual purpose audio system. He wanted one that he could watch movies on his television and then switch to streaming music. Simple enough. 

Then the arm wrestling began. On the one side was the salesperson who appeared hopeful to sell a new and expensive television vs. the poor customer who wanted nothing more than invisible speakers to augment what he already had.

A decent soundbar would have fitted the bill nicely, but the salesperson wouldn't hear of it. The new television had everything built in.

"Why would you add an eyesore to your home when you can have it all inside the television?"

Never once did the subject of audio quality come up. It was all pretty much about less clutter and more revenue. In the end, the customer went from hoping to walk out of the store for a few hundred bucks to laying down his credit card and arranging a home installation of the new television.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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