One person at a time

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One person at a time

I have been writing these daily posts for about 13 years now. Just doing a simple bit of math suggests there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,700 of them.

In writing them I do my best to share some of the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the last 50 years of designing and building high-end audio equipment. We cuss and discuss topics that go from simple analog to complex digital—all in an effort to further folks understanding.

I don't expect my readers to sit down at the tech bench and design a new DAC, but I do hope that by engaging with people their understanding of how a DAC works and what matters in the design is elevated.

If you understand the concept behind digital (or analog) audio it's a lot easier to make a purchasing decision.

Marketing fluff doesn't tell you much.

What's been gratifying for me is when I see the proverbial lightbulb in a reader's head turn on. "Aha!"

That makes it all worthwile.

Thanks for being on the journey with me.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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