What is knowable?

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What is knowable?

Spring is in full swing and the pollinators are busy at work, flitting from flower to flower in pursuit of sweet nectar.

If you watch bees moving between flowers you might notice something extraordinary. Once a bee has removed a flower's sweet offerings other bees don't visit the flower again. How is that possible? Do bees have a way of communicating to the others a complex map of what's been harvested?

The facts are likely more interesting than our best guesses.

It turns out that bees become positively charged with a tiny amount of static electricity from the flapping of their wings. Plants have a natural negative charge. When a positively charged bee lands on a negatively charged flower, the two energy differences are nulled leaving the flower without its attracting negative charge. The next time a positively charged bee approaches the spent flower there's no attraction and she buzzes off to find a virgin pollen-filled candidate instead.

What's this got to do with stereo equipment? Simply this. All things are ultimately knowable even if they seem a mystery at the moment. There's currently no way to measure what the ear/brain is perceiving in a high-performance stereo. That doesn't mean we can't. It just means we haven't yet figured it out.

All mysteries are knowable just as soon as we get around to figuring them out.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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