Are vinyl records filters?

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Have you ever pondered the fact that many new vinyl releases today actually are recorded, mixed and mastered digitally before being transferred to vinyl?

Because many studios today are digital based it's easier for musicians to record digitally and then master the results onto both CD and vinyl if they care about sound quality enough to release on vinyl. Most would argue that the vinyl release sounds better than the digital version - which has some interesting ramifications.

I think the restrictions placed on mastering for vinyl coupled with the medium and playback process contribute greatly to the sound of vinyl despite how it was first recorded.

That vinyl sound we all love isanalogousto that tube sound many people love and this is where it gets interesting because PS Audio's design motto has always been to do no harm - to make as small a sonic footprint as humanely possible when designing our equipment. Which is one reason I intellectually reject products like added tube buffer stages between products to get "the sound" - yet implementing them can, in many cases, improve the musicality of the system - just as releasing a digital recording on vinyl can.

A conflicted opinion to be sure.

Do no harm or make it sound more like music?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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