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Updating subs
*Chapter 7 of my upcoming novel, Resurrection, is posted here. Terri and I are watching more movies in our home theater these days. And we're listening to more music on our little home system too. There's no better time to upgrade and lavish attention on what brings us joy at home. When I learned of REL's new Predator subwoofer for home theaters, I called my buddy John and put my order in. I had been reasonably happy with REL's little weenie 10" sub that had lived in my theater since we built it. It was a placeholder when it first went in. I had always intended to upgrade but somehow just never got around to it. Now, working on my stereo and home theater has taken on new importance. The Predator is a brute: 15" cone with 3" travel, powered by an 800-watt amplifier. This beast barely fit in my cramped space, but removing its legs and resorting to a right angle power cord squeezed that baby into the space and worked. I had never known what extraordinary bass sounded like in my theater. You get so used to something that it becomes normal. It's why upgrading is so gratifying. Now, if only I can get Terri to sit through another viewing of Avatar.....
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