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Up notes

We certainly don't want to end on a sour note. In fact, we'd much rather end on an up note.

Sound familiar? It is endlessly fascinating to me how we tie our emotional states, our goals, hopes, and aspirations to music. If an idea resonates we're in harmony with each other and discordant when in disagreement.

Music is so ingrained in our psyche as to be almost unremarkable. Wandering the outdoors on a summer's day we're immersed in a symphony of crickets, the solos of birds, a chorus of frogs. When we're happy we whistle and when we're bored or anxious our fingers tap the tabletop with a rhythmic beat. Our best projects are announced with fanfare, often have flair, are hopefully on beat, punctuated with staccato features, and end with a lively crescendo.

Because I am the eternal optimist I'll end this post on an up note.

Think of how connected you and I are to have honored the purity of music in our homes and lives.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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