Uncovering gems

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Uncovering gems
"There's buried treasure in them thar speakers! I feels it in me bones." Sometimes I do feel like a pirate in search of buried treasure when I go to listen. Working on new technologies, new firmware, new components is really exciting—not just for the discovery of underlying new sonic delights, but because it is a chance to push the envelope further, to find out what might be possible as we march down the progress highway. I don't suppose there's anything more stimulating to us than a chance to uncover new gems that have seemingly been lying dormant in our hardware—hiding, actually. Most DirectStream owners, for example, have been enjoying their same hardware for years now and the chance to extract better is really enticing—which is the beauty of a new mountaintop whenever something like that might arrive. What magic is lurking in your equipment? Now, where's that bottle of rum?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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