Too much salt

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Some stereo systems are so accurate they're sterile. Others are so euphonic they drip of syrup. And aren't we all after accurately reproduced, emotionally involving music? I believe it is possible to have both, but attaining that lofty goal remains elusive for many.

One of our customers just emailed me suggesting their system "lacked warmth" and hoped our DAC would fix the problem. And perhaps it would, but I cautioned the person to step back and think deeply of the problem before taking another step.

If a prepared dish is too salty, one trick cooks use is to add potatoes to absorb the excess. While this is effective, in the same way as adding a different piece of gear to add or subtract warmth, it is best to use less salt in the first place.

Before jumping to the next tweak to fix what your system lacks, sometimes it's better to rethink the chain itself.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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