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I used to say to myself "I will never own a 4-cylinder engine automobile. Never." They are weenies, they sound like sewing machines, they struggle to do what's asked of them, and surely they won't last long. No, give me a V8, perhaps a 6, but never a 4. And today, 4-cylinder cars are all I drive. I haven't owned anything bigger for over a decade. When I hear people saying they will never listen to digital, tubes, solid state, electrostats, planars, dynamics, or whatever, I smile. Never's a long time, and here's what's interesting. In the time it takes you to venture forward and think about trying something new, reexamining your biases, the world has changed. So what you based your original firm stance on, is potentially no longer true. My rule? About every 6 months, typically at an audio show, I take another look to see if I still need to be closed minded on the subject. And, about twice a year, I am pleasantly surprised.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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