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I am writing this yesterday. You are reading it today. That will seem odd to me tomorrow. Actually, it seems odd to me today.

I am taking a break from writing about subwoofers because on my mind is prepping for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest which begins today for you, dear reader. For me, 'today' is really yesterday and 'today', for me, is setup day.

I've written about setup day before. It's my favorite.

On setup day everyone's fresh and ready to go. The truck's loaded, all the decisions have been made, it's showtime.

As we arrive early on the setup day we see all our fellow manufacturers running around the hotel, just as we are, in jeans and everyday attire. Lots of high fives, 'how'ya doin's', smiling at people you haven't seen for perhaps a year. I love it. Much different than what we see four days later at teardown when everyone's the opposite.

We are fortunate to have scored a big room, with an adjacent smaller one. We're bringing a beautiful pair of my second favorite loudspeakers ever, the Infinity IRS Betas. If you've never had a chance to hear what a true full range loudspeaker system sounds like, this is a great opportunity, one I would encourage you not to miss. The designer of the system, Arnie Nudell, is setting them up.

Hotel rooms are tough setups and you rarely get to hear a system's full potential in them; we shall hope for the best.

The IRS system will be powered by two of the new Bascom King designed PerfectWave power amplifiers - complete with tube front ends.

I am picking Bascom up at the airport Friday morning as we head to the show (remember, I am writing this yesterday). He's cool to chat with. He designed the servo woofer system you will hear on the IRS Betas. He knows more about analog electronic design, for high end audio, than just about anyone on the planet. Take advantage of his presence if you have questions or just want to meet an audio legend.

Next door to us is Scott McGowan's Sprout Lounge. We've never done anything like Sprout Lounge. I am excited to see what he does with this: custom furniture, Sprouts, the amazing GoldenEar Aons.

And here's what's truly exciting about Sprout Lounge. Most show venues feature super expensive exotic equipment. Heck, that's what I am doing! But Sprout Lounge takes a different approach. It's an under $2K system complete in a setting like what you would have at home. I applaud this effort. I look forward to enjoying time in Sprout Lounge.

Tomorrow I'll you know how it goes.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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