The role of great recordings

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The role of great recordings
Anyone can make a recording in the same way anyone can take a picture. All you need is a mobile phone. There are now multiple apps and add-on microphone options to make stereo recordings that are technically better than even the finest analog tape recorders. What would Grateful Dead bootlegger recordists have given to have had the quality one can record with today using little more than the phone in their pocket? But, while technology has advanced to the point where everyone carries with them a camera and a recording device that outperforms what master photographers and recording engineers of 50 years ago could only have dreamed of, that increase in technology hasn't produced more Ansel Adams and George Martins. Making great recordings is an art form that requires the best in equipment, skill, and passion. After our first release of Octave Record's vinyl, Gabe Mervine's Say Somethin' (which sold out in less than a week), we got a note from one of our HiFi Family members. In it he said of all the hundreds of prized vinyl treasures in his collection, this one recording bested them all (and not by a little bit). Great system need great recordings.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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