The quiet few

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The quiet few
When we proffer an opinion we risk ridicule. It's probably been that way from before we swung down from the trees to walk on the savannahs. The thought of offering an opinion open for public scrutiny can be immobilizing. Yet, without the brave few offering up their thoughts our levels of communication within the community would be hampered. If our goal as a HiFi family is to leave this space better off than when we came, wouldn't it help to have more voices rather than less? For every audible voice, there are hundreds of the Quiet Few we rarely hear from. Your opinion matters. I know it's hard to be heard, to speak up and risk the thoughts of others who do not agree. But it's also an act of generosity. We need more generous acts. Here's my suggestion. Post on our forums, or here, or wherever you can find an audience of like-minded souls. And then, don't read the comments. Just post your thoughts and never look back. You can't be hurt by what you don't see.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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