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Issue 13 of Copper Magazine published this morning. This new issue marks several important milestones, and I wanted to spend this morning going over them. We'll be back to dividing up speaker frequencies tomorrow. First, there's a completely new look to the publication. There's a story to this change. I rely a great deal on the advice on my family—they're a hell of a lot smarter than I am. When it comes to look and feel, it's my eldest, Lon, that I turn to. He doesn't mince words. "Pop, the magazine is tired and hard to read. I can't tell one issue from the next." He was right and he's come up with a beautiful new format that is not only a pleasure to read, but also includes the ability to comment on each article. I am excited to learn of your reaction to the new look. Since we started publishing Copper its readership and content excellence have grown. Dramatically. The tireless efforts of editor Bill Leebens, coupled with a growing stable of terrific writers, brings not only an uplifting sparkle to the manuscript, but Copper has been finding its voice—one that I love as much as the opera I so cherish each morning. And speaking of opera I couldn't be more excited. Stereophile reviewer Jason Victor Serinus' brilliant article on opera—opera 101 if you like—is so well written I would not have batted an eye had it appeared in a literary journal like the New Yorker. Lastly, editor Bill Leebens thought it might be fun to challenge readers to a contest. What's the newest, latest thing in audio? I mean, really new. Not just the latest giz wang, but idea, trend, direction? The winner receives a free LANRover USB Transporter. I hope you have a chance to check out the latest issue of our cost-and-ad-free journal, Copper Magazine. Crafted from the many loving hands and minds of people like you, and me, who love music, audio and a good read.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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