The impersonal internet

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The impersonal internet
I spend a great deal of time on the forums and comments section of our channels: Ask Paul, Ohms Law, Paul's Post, PS Forums, YouTube, Copper Magazine, Facebook. I do this because the internet can be an impersonal place if you let it. Just look at some of the more untended channels and you'll see they've degraded into shouting matches and hate filled comments of no value to anyone—like weeds taking over a vacant lot or graffiti defacing an abandoned building. It's as if people are warning others to stay away. The ground here is no longer fertile. Each of our community outreach channels is like a garden. Tended to and cared for it grows and flourishes, providing sustenance to a community hungry for a place to gather and tip glasses together in friendship. A place to learn and share. If we care enough to devote our time and energies to something, our great community is eager to respond in kind. It's one of high-end audio's core strengths and I thank each and every one of you for it.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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