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Issue 31 of Copper Magazine launched this morning and it's a really good read. Former Twisted Sister leader, Jay Jay French—a heavy metal member that's an Audiophile?—helps us understand the machinations of the music business while editor Leebs reminisces on tone controls. I bring this issue of Copper to your attention only because I wanted to prep you for a bit of change. We're expanding Copper's editorial content to include more diverse quests for good stuff than just music and HiFi. Like craft beer, perhaps watches or some of the cooler tech gear coming onto the market. You know, the good stuff. Most of us are on the lookout for better. We're not overly interested in ordinary. We're not attracted to new just for the sake of new. Second best doesn't excite as much as uncovering hidden gems. And we love high value and appreciate craft. If any of this resonates, drop me a note. I'd love to learn what you consider the good stuff. It's a noble quest.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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