The Gift Of Music

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The Gift Of Music

If you’re wondering what to get an audiophile friend for Christmas, might I suggest the gift of music?

There are a number of tasty selections from Octave Records.

And here’s the thing about buying a gift from Octave. It’s a safe bet that whoever you send it to will enjoy it.

Each release is a sonic treasure.

If they are a classical fan it’s hard to go wrong with Zuil Bailey’s Bach Cello Suite.

If rock and roll suit their tastes, how about The Gasoline Lollipops?

A bit of Latin jazz? You can’t go wrong with Carmen Sandim’s Brazillian Beasts or Tiero’s The Ever Lasting Dance.

Country music? Bonnie and Taylor Simms’ Levelland might do the trick.

Swing music? Try Jeremy Mohney.

Just for a surprising musical delight? Scabaret’s Hot House Flower.

Don’t know what genre to choose? Grab any one of our tasty Audiophile Masters collections.

There’s no better, lasting gift than the gift of music.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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