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Pardon me, if you've heard this before, but tweeters are particular. Their wavelengths are so very short, often less than an inch, that small changes in distance to your eas can make big differences in sound quality—in particular, imaging. I have two trusty tools you can use to fix this problem. The first, you know doubt have: The second, maybe not. You'll want to get one of these, a laser leveler. Here's the Laser leveler I use. There are certainly cheaper ones you can get at the hardware store, and that's fine. Whatever works. Caution: do not point the laser mechanism at your eyes and certainly don't look into it. Laser light can damage eyesight. Be careful.
  • Position your chair where you want your main seating to be
  • Measure the distance from the tweeter to your ear. Best way is to have a helper. Inches matter here, be precise.
  • Set the laser leveler atop the speaker cabinet in line with the tweeter - and see how close your aim is using the laser cross-hatch to aim right at the ear
This is the basic assurance method that things are aligned. There are tons of variable too. Like on-axis, off-axis. We'll cover some of that tomorrow.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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