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Does your system give you the lowest bass notes? Is it right in the room? How would you actually know? I don't need to remind most of my readers of the value I place on adequate, accurate, bass. It's the foundation of a good system and most systems get it wrong. Subwoofers are almost always a necessity. My favorite is REL. All that said, is there an easy way to tell if your system is filling in all the notes? I was just asked that very question by one of our people and provided them with a simple, easy answer. "Here. Play this. Track Ten. At the end of the first synth riff, the last note is rarely reproduced with authority." "This" happens to be Dig by Boz Scaggs which you can pickup online or perhaps you have it. This is a classic track—Thanks to you, featuring keyboardist David Paich who hits some crazy low notes your system should reproduce. Imagine Paich hitting a note on the synth and nothing comes out - because his speaker won't reproduce it. Heresy!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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