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I am hopping on a plane this morning heading for Chicago where we'll set up for the Axpona Show. We've got a decent size exhibition facility with three rooms. One's going to be our lounge where—hotel management willing—we'll be serving up snacks and drinks all day long. It's a place to come and hang, get your bearings, fuel up, then onwards to see the show! We're hoping you make it your headquarters for all three days. The second will be our demo room featuring a full Stellar Stack driving Golden Ear Triton One Towers. Next door to that, our new power line up featuring the P20, P15 (the P10's replacement), and P12 (the P5's replacement) Power Plants—all new, all designed from the ground up with DSD engines and greatly improved performance. Something you don't want to miss. Please do come by, fuel up, say hi, have a listen before you head into the wilds of the show. We're on the ground floor, just past registration, at the entrance to the main Exhibit Hall. The exhibit room's name is Journey/Creation. In the meantime how about a tour? As some know we're growing. Out of space, actually, and we've bought the building across the street to fix the problem. Before the construction, before the building of three new state of the art Music Rooms, before the hammers start flying, come with me on a few minute tour of the new facility and see what we're up to. You can watch it here. See you in Chicago!
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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