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When we step outside our comfort zone we get uncomfortable. Duh. But think about the other side of this multi-sided coin for a moment.

Stepping outside the bounds of what we know, whether it's listening to a new technology you never thought you'd like, putting a pair of headphones on when speakers have been your mainstay, scraping your system setup one Saturday afternoon and trying something new, may have surprising results that go beyond what you intended to have happen in the first place.

Whenever I manage to step outside my shell I find something new and unexpected. Most of the time I don't achieve what I wanted in the first place, but something entirely new happens to me and that, dear reader, is valuable beyond measure. Be sure and look for this to happen and DON'T focus on the actual goal if it's not achieved.

What will you find when you step outside your bounds and try something new? No one can tell you until you do it.

Do it and find out.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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