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In my experience, most of the systems I run into aren't the products of a building strategy. Instead, they are mostly cobbled together over time.

I remember back to the mid 70s when my stereo journey began. I had managed to buy a wickedly cool pair of tower speakers. Phased Arrays they were called and they were an amazing step up from my old POS pair someone had gifted me.

Owning the speakers meant I had to honor them with the best amplification possible. I started with a Kenwood receiver which lasted only a few months before I upgraded to a Dynaco amp and preamp, and on and on.

At no time did I ever have a thought out strategic plan. Perhaps that's just me?

I wonder how many of us are like minded? 

Is this piece-by-piece building block method the cat's meow or or the dog's woof?

Just curious how you build your system.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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