Starting From Scratch

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Starting From Scratch

We’re moving PS Audio to a new home. Thankfully, it isn’t far away. In fact, we’re moving across the street. Literally. Our current facility is too small for our growing company and our new home is nearly three times the size. And, it’s a cool building. In keeping with our desire to be as environmentally friendly as we can, the entire 30,000 square foot facility is solar powered with pure sine waves from state of the art Seimens inverters. Neat, eh?

We’ll now have space for three state of the art music rooms. Music Room One, with the Infinity IRSV, will get a little bigger with very high ceilings. Music Room Two will be even larger and will contain Arnie Nudell’s IRS killer reference system on one side and the work on our new speakers on the other. Music Room Three will be a little smaller and more living room like with PS speakers and a Stellar Stack so our visitors can hear and see what an approachable system might be like.

We’ve learned a lot about building music rooms over the years and we’ll be filming the entire building process over the next few months. I hope you’ll join us on what will prove to be a fun journey.

When we open our new facility sometime in July, we’ll have a party and I am hopeful we will be in a position to invite our entire extended family—you and yours—to join us.

I’ll keep you in the know.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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