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Elton John

In 1972 Elton John and Bernie Taupin released the song Rocket Man on John’s 1972 album Honky Château. The track became a hit single, rising to No. 2 in the UK and No. 6 in the US. The world premiere for Rocket Man was played on Armed Forces Network on my radio program called Underground.

I still have the two-channel master tape of Rocket Man given to me by Elton John.

Elton, whose real name is Reggie, and I spent a good hour enjoying lunch together in a Munich Cafe in 1972. I found him to be a sensitive, intelligent, warm-hearted man.

My interview with him launched today on my Podcast Ohms Law.  If you’ve subscribed, and I hope you have, it’ll automatically appear on your iPhone or Android mobile device. If you haven’t it’s easy to do. If you have an Apple device just activate or download the podcast app and search for Ohms Law. If on an Android device it’s just as easy to download any number of podcast apps or directly to Google Play.  And last, if you prefer to listen on your computer’s browser, here’s a link to the Elton John interview.

Each Saturday I’ll post a new interview. Next week we’ll learn about and enjoy the music of the late Steve Marriott of Humble Pie. And daily, it’s a short podcast of all things audio.

Have fun and thanks for subscribing.

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