Stacking the deck

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Stacking the deck
In yesterday's post, I offered the two main reasons I wrote my upcoming memoir, 99% True: spreading the word to an unsuspecting public that we audiophiles exist and helping aspiring entrepreneurs through their struggles. My challenge is to get noticed by potential readers that would normally not have any interest in a book about high-end audio—which is basically everyone on the planet except you and me. It turns out there's a path to gaining readers: rising high enough in the Amazon rankings to get noticed—a Herculean feat in a crowded field. Amazon pays attention to the first week of a book's launch. Whatever E-books are selling best within a category, and have the most reviews in their first week of publication, win. (Oddly enough physical book sales don't seem to matter much to Amazon rankings) I think we have a handle on the first requirement. So far, more than 4,000 people have signed up to order the book when it launches. If most people grab one at the reduced pricing we are going to offer in the first week, we have a shot at rising to the top of the heap. It's the reviews that are going to be the sticking point. How many people can download a 300-page book, read it and write a review within the first week of launch? If you are like me it takes time to read. So, we stack the deck in a legitimate way. If you are interested in helping me get the book launched, I will send as many people as makes sense a free downloadable copy (a PDF) to read (or I can send to your Kindle E-Reader). What I would ask for in return is the writing of a review when the book publishes. If we can get enough reviews published in the week of the book's launch, June 4th, we might have a chance of rising to the top and getting people to know about what we all love, high end audio. If you're interested and willing to write a review, I'll make a hundred or so available for download. Just email me back and ask. And, thanks!
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