Removing the strain and stress

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Removing the strain and stress
One of the defining characteristics of our new AN speaker line will be internally amplified servo bass. An accelerometer is mounted to the internal subwoofer and used to quicken the woofer's transient response, lower distortion, and flatten its amplitude. People familiar with the advantages of servo controlled woofers are excited by the prospect of a full range loudspeaker that does not require the addition of a sub. (There's never been a better way to match the speed of an electrostat or panel speaker than a servo subwoofer) However, there's pushback by those who fear we are robbing their power amplifiers of work. It is a sentiment I completely understand. We bought our amps to do the work of powering our speakers. In some cases, we chose a particular amplifier because of its slam and power in the very regions now taken over by the internal servo amplifier. Doesn't this obsolete our existing power amplifiers? Wouldn't some be suddenly considered overkill? Would we be better off with smaller, sweeter sounding amplifiers? What would happen if we got the new PS speakers and our big amplifiers were shoved aside like a worker being laid off? Haven't we just entered the era of bi-amplification and, if so, are our big amps still valuable? Let's jump into this tomorrow.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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