The short life argument

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Have you ever noticed how hard it is to mentally take a leap? It's as if there are two of me inside my head: the cautious Paul and the crazy adventurous "go for it" Paul and there's this nutso argument process I go through to see which of me wins. My friend and mentor Seth Godin refers to the doubting side as my "lizard brain" giving me all the reasons I shouldn't, couldn't, can't and won't. To do battle with this lizard brain, I employ two great personal arguments: putting a decision off doesn't make sense because as soon as you decide to delay the decision you've already made a decision - and it may not be the right one. The second and more persuasive argument is the life is short argument - and at my age it's working pretty well. If you remember back a few posts ago I remarked that for several decades I have lusted after a pair of Infinity IRS loudspeakers but figured I'd probably never own a pair - so expensive, big, and hard to find they are. And besides, as much as I want a pair I have to be a good corporate citizen at PS Audio and stick to budgets and make sure the mission gets accomplished. Ok, I don't want this to sound like an AA meeting, but I have decided life's short and I am going for it. It's important to me to not burden the company with my crazy mission so I have set a personal goal to make this happen by exchanging as much of the cool audio equipment I've collected over the years as I can and then hunt down a primo pair of IRS V and redo the reference sound room in Boulder with them. Everything goes - nothing is sacred other than the goal. I have found with these decisions it helps me to take a public stand, reach out and announce what my goal is. It used to terrify me to do this - what if I failed? It's easier to just keep quiet and work slowly in the background because if I fail, no one will know. That was then. I am ok with stepping forward even if it doesn't work out. I am reaching out to this group to announce my intentions, see if any of you have any contacts you can send my way and when I succeed, I will share with you all the pain and joy of installing a decades old loudspeaker pair and getting them to sing with their originally glory. To that end I have a few cool things I will be looking to sell, two of them unique one-of-a-kind products that would only interest music and audio lovers like us. I have perhaps the last brand new pair of Magneplanar Tympani III's in existence. This is the speaker with the full ribbon bass panels that was the basis for one of HP's most loved system the QRS 1D Hybrid system - I've been using the bass panels but the upper ones are still in their original packing boxes. I also have a one-of-a-kind pair of Arnie Nudell designed loudspeakers you can read about here. Email me back if you have any suggestions. I am going for it!
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