Short and sweet

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Short and sweet
Why is short sweet, and simple better? Are we averse to complexity or do we simply object to clutter? When I want to grasp a concept or understand a new idea, it's always helpful to drill past the particulars until I can reach the core of meaning. In this way, I can wrap my head around something complex without drowning in details. Of course, it is the details that make the whole work. Change one of them and the outcome is different. For example, modeling a power amplifier as a representative block within a system assumes the perfect device. If we're trying to make a judgment about what speaker cables should work in the system we're likely not taking into account the details of the amp driving those cables: damping factor, power bandwidth, etc. Yet, it is those very details that often get the best of us when we sit down to listen. Short and simple are indeed sweet, but it's the details that often tell the story. If you're digging for answers, we're here to help.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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