Shiny objects

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Are you attracted to shiny objects? Most of us are: gold, gleaming new finishes, sparkling this, sparkling that, glossy paint, shiny apples, icons that reflect light, etc. Animals are too; in particular birds. I wonder why? How did we evolve to like shiny things, and why? I can think of few foods, other than fish and some fruit, that shine.

Just the other day I broke with my dedication to pomelo grapefruits–the big, huge yellow things–in favor of a bright, shiny, perfectly formed small grapefruit. My expectations were high, what's perfect on the outside is often mirrored on the inside. I was soon to be disappointed.

And stereo equipment is no different. How many of us are not guilty of being visually attracted to gear first, sonically second?

I don't stand in judgment, for I am as infected as the next, but I do find it a fascinating human trait–one I haven't a clue of why.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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