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Few things in our sport are more challenging than speaker setup, especially speakers you're unfamiliar with. And, in most cases, we're unfamiliar with new speakers. I have never heard the ones we are setting up at RMAF, the massive Scaena La Maitresse Ultimes. We chose them largely on reputation and HP's words of praise for the older model, the Pipe Dreams—a situation not unlike what you might have experienced—reading a review of a speaker in a magazine and then purchasing them. If we've never heard a pair of speakers, how do we know when they're setup correctly? The answer, of course, is simple. We don't know what they're capable of, but we do know what music sounds like. Further, we have a picture of our reference system in our heads, so we know what reproduced audio can sound like. Setting up unfamiliar speakers is a little like giving a speech to an unknown group of people. You know from your past work what reaction you're hoping for, and you tailor your presentation to match. We'll work hard to wrest all these beauties have to offer the music. If you're attending the show, please come by and say hello. We're in room 1107 just opposite the 11th floor elevators. And, we're not alone. Here's a list of other attendees using PS gear:

--Sprout integrated amplifier and Sprout ELAC system can be seen in the Lobby

--Burwell & Sons, Room 1102 will feature a complete PS system with the $80,000 "Mother of Burl" loudspeakers and $21,000 VPI Avenger Reference turntable

--DEQX, Room 1124 will use a P10 Power Plant

--Wyred 4 Sound, Room 1118 will use P10 and P5 Power Plants

--Skogrand Cables, Room 1023 will use a P10 Power Plant

--Sonoma Acoustics, Room 9030 will use a P10 Power Plant

--Rogers High fidelity, Room 5010 will use a P10 Power Plant

--Ryan Speakers, Room 5018 will use a DirectStream DAC, BHK Signature Pre and a P10 Power Plant

--Voxativ Acoustic Technologies, Room 4009 will use a P10 Power Plant

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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