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Yesterday Terri and I returned from new York City. We travel to New York once a year to volunteer with the NYC Marathon's medical team: I run the communications and Terri drives one of the Central Park ambulances. This year was different as the event was cancelled at the last moment because of the hurricane.

As we were there to help in any way we could we joined the medical team piloting one of a 5 truck convoy full of jackets, food and supplies from the Marathon and drove them out to help flood victims in the Brooklyn area. It was rewarding work for us as I am sure it would be for any of you given the opportunity to help.

Until you're there and feel how it might be if your home was without heat, electricity and running water when the temperatures dip below freezing, it's probably hard to really imagine - it certainly was for us.

We were fortunate enough to not only hand out warm jackets and much needed food but we also got to visit the FEMA staging area located on the same airfield CharlesLindberghtook the Spirit of Saint Louis off from on his epic journey across the Atlantic ocean. We simply had no idea how massive the recovery effort is and what resources it takes to feed and help millions of people. Stunning.

Our hearts go out to everyone in the area and our thoughts are with you.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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