Seeing is believing

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Seeing is believing
Power Plant regenerators make a noticeable improvement to video screens and projectors. It's a fact we almost never mention to folks because we're 2-channel audio people—but it's a fact, none the less. We're used to getting eye rolls when we tell those who have never heard the improvements a Power Plant can make to their systems, but those eye-rolls pale next to the ones we get when we tell people it improves video as well. "How can power quality affect video?" Back a few years ago when we participated in the custom integrator's show, CEDIA, we had a very simple way to demonstrate how Power Plants improved picture quality. At the start of the show, we'd head over to Best Buy and purchase two identical LCD televisions. We'd supply each television an identical HDMI feed from a DVD player, and set them side-by-side in our tradeshow booth. One screen was powered from a Power Plant, the other from the power supplied to us from the convention center. The differences in the picture were not subtle. When curious people came to the booth all they saw was a little sign that asked them to choose which screen was powered by the Power Plant and which was not. We always got 100% right answers. Seeing can be believing.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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