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The Rolling Stones couldn't get any satisfaction—how about you? Is your DAC, cable, amplifier, or preamplifier bringing you satisfaction? Is it good enough, or could it be better? I have noticed over the years that parts of my system are so good it's hard to imagine them ever getting better. Take my speaker cables as an example. These handmade flat cables by MG Audio are so much better than anything I have ever heard that anything else could only be different. Not necessarily better. (sadly, one of MG's founders, Gregg Graff, recently passed away). But it's not just limited to audio. My favorite breakfast fruit, the Pomelo grapefruit (or its distant second, the Oroblanco), are not only good enough, they are beyond the pale when it comes to satisfaction. It's a sad day when their season is over. As Audiophiles we're always looking for something better, getting us closer and more in touch with the music. It's a worthwhile obsession, one I doubt I will ever tire of. But sometimes, we hit a point of satisfaction where better doesn't bring more satisfaction, just a different view of wonderful. If you've got satisfaction, share it with everyone else.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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