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Every audio company has a design philosophy they ascribe to: ruler flat, textbook perfect, back of the napkin, high feedback, low feedback, no feedback, tubes, solid state, hybrids, rich with harmonic distortion, squeaky clean and lean. PS Audio has always focused on honest engineering offering musical truth. Our digital wizard, Ted Smith, is one hell of an advocate for our design philosophy. His latest creation, a new operating system for DirectStream and DirectStream Junior—officially named Huron—will be released in a few weeks. Huron (a free upgrade to all owners) will soar to new levels of sonic truth and musical honesty. But Ted didn't resort to tricks, or artificial sweeteners to achieve his design objectives. Here are two scope images showing some of the benefits of Ted's work on Huron. Note the lower noise floor of Huron relative to Torrey's (the latest firmware). The first image is Torreys, the second Huron. (the spikes are measurement artifacts and should be ignored). On the subject of design philosophy, Ted writes:
"There certainly won’t be any artificial sweetening of the sound in any release, all of my experience still indicates that the closer to theoretical/mathematical perfection we get the more life-like and involving the sound is. Those that wish for some other character of the sound are probably better off with warmer cables, a tube amp or preamp that purposely adds a little THD, etc. It’s all too easy to assume that any one part of a system inherently exaggerates or modifies the character of the sound, but most of the time those modifications are a result of system specific interactions and therefore shouldn’t be “fixed” in the design of any particular component. I want the DS to be as faithful and neutral as possible."
Thanks, Ted. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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