Safe systems

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What's the old saying? Nothing ventured, nothing gained? If you go for a pleasant stroll around the park you're rewarded with what's obvious: a pleasant walk in the park. Safe, predictable, good for the soul. If you venture outside your shell and tackle a strenuous three mile hike on a new trail, you're rewarded with what's not obvious: fresh scenery, unexpected observations, renewal of the soul. Stereo system are no different. I can't tell you the number of safe systems I have listened to: pleasant, everything sounds good, unremarkable. But sometimes I am privileged to step outside safe, and be gobsmacked by a risky system: revealing, heightened extremes of sound, remarkable. You can assemble a safe system easily. Stepping outside the box and building a challenging system, going for remarkable, taking a chance, is risky business, but the rewards can be great. Safe makes me yawn. Risky, remarkable, gets me out of bed in the morning.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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