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The first 10 DirectStream DACs are finished and ready for me to listen to in Music Room One. The first of the 10 sailed through test and is on its way to our Community Forums leader, Gordon, because he is not only one of the best listeners I know but he tells it like it is - even if IT isn't good.

In Music Room One that first DAC sounded nearly identical to the reference; a reference I have vetted over the months and have every confidence in. But how will it sound at someone else's home and system? It's always at this point I get nervous. When the first new product goes out into the world, untethered from its parent and asked to fly on its own, is the scariest moment for the team that designed it, cared for it, nurtured it and taught it what it needs to know to succeed. Sounds a lot like parenting. Probably just as scary.

It's odd. On the one hand you have complete confidence in something. On the other, you're scared you missed something.

This cycle of birth and release from under the wing to fly on its own has been a process that's been going on since time immemorial.

It probably never gets easy. Fly little bird!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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