Palpable sound

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Palpable sound

When an illusion is real enough it feels as if we might be able to fondle it. Palpable.

That's what we strive for in our voicings of products, sound so real you can imagine touching it. That's a tough challenge from a design perspective. How do you arm an engineer with the knowledge and tools to craft sound so real it's touchable?

I think it starts with bass. If you can clear away the phase shifts and filters to get to unfettered bass, then you begin to actually feel the kick of a bass drum in your gut. I know for me that was my first palpable connection. A good thump in the gut from a recorded kick drum.

Over time and experience, you begin ferreting out the small nuanced cues that bring life to music. They happen slowly at first: a bell rings with such veracity you might believe it's actually in the room. Perhaps a voice so real it's as if the singer is in the room with you.

The best designers I know have placed this one virtue over just about all others. Make the sound so real it's as if you can reach out and touch it.

It's what we strive for and what you likely lust for.

It seems like magic.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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