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I was never good at sports nor do I have any interest in watching others play it. Which is perhaps why the notion of competition eludes me. Since the day Stan and I started PS Audio, back in the dark ages of the early 1970s, we've never tried to compete with other manufacturers. The idea of "they do this so we'll counter with that" had never occurred to us. Instead, we focused on "competing" with ourselves. The definition of competing is striving against one another to gain or win something. The desire to gain or win something other than producing products that meet a certain performance level is just, well, strange. Besides, who keeps score? We always strive to better our previous efforts. I suppose that's a kind of competition though I prefer to think of it more like the climbing of a ladder. Each time you better your efforts you get higher on the ladder's rungs and gain a better view. In a true competition, you win some, you lose some, then you start a new season. That doesn't seem to fit in what we do. I know there are competitive types out there comparing their efforts with those of others, but that's just not something that's ever interested us. The real goal is to get closer to the music.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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