Over etched

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Over etched

The search for inner detail is somewhat like a treasure hunt. We get excited when new cables and/or equipment peel back obscuring layers, exposing that which has been waiting to be heard.

More detail. Closer to the truth that waits to be heard.

Yet sometimes instead of uncovering new details, we get a false sense of new information by over-etching existing ones.

Over-etching falsely emphasizes some frequencies while removing or obfuscating others. Think of it as over-cleaning—like scraping away a thin metal coating.

The occasions where I have most noticed this exaggeration has been with interconnecting cables that either emphasizes highs or reduces lows. The sonic effects are the same.

Our quest for greater details in the music is laudable. We simply need to be careful we don't go overboard.

If you hear more details in one area, take a moment to make sure you haven't lost them in another.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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