Old dog tricks

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Ashton Haga is one of the smartest people on our staff. She runs the front office and handles accounting "stuff". To be honest, I could not fill out a job description for her because I am essentially clueless. I just know we can't exist long without her.

I was again flummoxed over a recurring problem that has plagued me for years. The damn string on the teabag flops into the hot water when I fill it. I have devised numerous solutions, like wrapping the string and flap around the mug's handle among the more successful. Ashton watched with humor as I grumbled and said, "put the teabag in after the water," and walked off, ending a thirty year mystery for me.

It's like that sometimes.

When engineer Darren Myers walked into my office and suggested we revisit class D solutions for our upcoming affordable amplifier, I said no, "they're threadbare and rob the life from music."

He winked and said he was more than familiar with the problem but knew how to fix it. Huh? I've been designing amplifiers before Darren was born, and yet…old dogs can be taught new tricks.

His solution set me on my ear. Literally. Music came forth rich and warm, full of life and harmonics unlike any class D amplifier I had ever heard.

He beamed from ear to ear.

Darren's secret? We call it an Analog Cell, of which I will expand upon tomorrow.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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